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Appeal of the City Mayor to investors

S.К. Nosov,  Mayor of Nizhny Tagil

Dear friends!

The current conditions of economic growth and changing geopolitical environment offer its insights into the investment plans and market of investments. Great attention is given to internal capacities of industries, projects oriented to import substitution. Herewith, our strategic tasks remain the same – it’s maximum improvement of business climate on the territory of municipal structure, establishment of effective communication among investors and municipal authorities, modernization of the economy of Nizny Tagil region.

We welcome and will support any kinds and forms of investments. Administration of Nizhny Tagil will render every possible support and provide all conditions for successful work of the Russian and foreign investors.

Nizhny Tagil is known as a large industrial centre with developed ore-mining and metallurgical, machine-building and chemical industry. But there is also another Nizhny Tagil with over 35 museums, three theatres, philharmonic hall, where dateless coniferous forests, lakes, beautiful river Chusovaya, first-class ski resorts are present. Favourable geographical location, enormous production and export potential of the city, developed social and economic infrastructure, unique natural complex and significant highly professional workforce potential make Nizhny Tagil an investment attractive region.

The city is seriously interested in future development of economic and cultural cooperation. We welcome knowledge-intensive, innovative environmentally friendly technologies, new manufacturing companies, socially-oriented facilities in our cities.

We consider development of both heavy and consumer goods, instrument making industry, development of a wide network of foodstuff production enterprises, financing of city tourist and recreation complex to be top-priority investment spheres.

On behalf of the Administration and citizens of Nizhny Tagil I invite you to get acquainted with economic and tourist and recreation potential of Nizhny Tagil, its capacities and proposals.

We will help to see possibilities of common interests for you and our city development!

Under the current economic conditions, authorities and business has to combine their efforts, consolidate for common reaching of mutually beneficial purposes for economic development of the territory, stability in the social sphere.

Welcome to Nizhny Tagil!

S.К. Nosov, 
Mayor of Nizhny Tagil